Video: appeal and events

Former Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) Detective Superintendent David Swindle and Craig’s family talk about the appeal

Thanks to the generosity and networks of a friend of Craig’s family, a Spanish actress has compiled a Spanish voice over of the this video, which can be viewed below the English-speaking version.

French individuals

There were French individuals at the scene, and they must have witnessed the fatal incident when Craig was killed.

There is information that on the morning of 19th May 2012, shortly after Craig’s death, a group of French tourists unexpectedly checked out of their hotel which may have been the Hotel Acapulco. These people have not been identified.

In an effort to identify these people and any other French individuals who may be able to assist, we have been trying to target France for information using social media.

Can you help us to reach French audiences?

Please share our social media posts and updates with friends who have contacts in France.

Craig Mallon Memorial Event, 19th May 2015