Who killed Craig?

Someone knows the answer…

Craig Mallon born 3rd February 1986,died tragically 19th May 2012

Craig Mallon – born 3rd February 1986,
died tragically 19th May 2012

Appeal March 2022:  Mystery Caller with Information

Please help us find the mystery caller who may hold the key to what happened to Craig

An English-speaking woman who telephoned the Spanish emergency services at 0626 on Saturday 19th May 2012 and described the incident spoke about a tall man and others being involved in a fight.

This woman who saw fit to make the call to the emergency services to report the incident has vital information has never been spoken to.

Despite being 10 years ago this woman will hopefully still recollect seeing such a violent incident, Craig’s family are making appeals for anyone with information about this call to contact them at info@craigmallon.com

Please get in contact and one of our team will get back to you.

We would ask that you share this information as widely as possible to reach people who may be able to help to find the answers to Craig Mallon’s murder.

Help Craig’s family to find answers

Craig Mallon was murdered in the street outside Rockefellers Nightclub in Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava, Spain in the early hours Saturday 19th May 2012, in a motiveless and unprovoked attack.

The person who committed this crime – and his friends who know what happened – have not been traced.

There were also lots of people in the area where Craig was killed. These people could have information which could assist enquiries but have still not come forward, possibly because they think what they saw/heard is not relevant.

This website is intended to assist the investigation and support Craig’s family in their desperate search for the truth about his sad death.

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