Rockefellers Disco Bar

Craig and his friends did not go far that night. Just before midnight, they left the hotel all dressed in similar distinctive clothing, which consisted of black shirts with green writing on the front and back, and walked to the area where Rockefellers and various other bars and nightclubs are located.


They tried to enter a few bars on a street called Pla de Carbonell, including Texas Disco/Bar, which were very busy so shortly after midnight on 19th May 2012, they went to Rockefellers Disco Bar, Pla de Carbonell 7, Lloret de Mar.

The door steward recollects the group being in good spirits and well-behaved throughout the night.

Rockefellers Disco Bar patrons on 19th May 2012 may hold vital clues to who killed Craig.

Craig’s group spent the night standing at the bar and on the dance floor consuming alcohol, chatting and dancing with various groups of like-minded individuals of various nationalities.

The atmosphere has been described as good-humored, with a variety of nationalities and groups of young males and females, some of whom have been traced.

Craig’s group regularly went in and out of Rockefellers to have cigarettes outside, where they engaged in conversation with different groups of males and females who may recollect speaking to them.

Craig and his friends were very distinctive due to their clothing, with Craig who was the more personable, confident and articulate of the group, engaging in conversation and dancing with various females. Some of these women have come forward and provided information to assist in piecing together Craig’s last movements and the events prior to the fatal assault.

By 3am, Craig’s group became reduced in number when others left due to reaching their alcohol limits. This meant that there were only four of the group including Craig left within the club at this point. The good=humored atmosphere and interaction with other people continued throughout the night until the premises closed.

The indications are that within Rockefellers, Craig was the more animated and personable of the remaining stag group, dancing and apparently attracting a lot of attention to himself and interest from other females and males in Rockefellers.

These are the last photographs of Craig in the company of females from Bristol in the UK, whose identities are known. At this time, these would appear to be the last confirmed photographic images of Craig before he was killed.


Other people who were in Rockefellers that night may have taken other photographs or remember Craig and his group, which would help in piecing together events prior to his killing.                                                                                                 

Appeal points – can you assist?

The importance of mobile phone/camera footage to:

  • assist in piecing together Craig’s movements and events prior to the fatal assault
  • identify any potential witnesses in Rockefellers, Texas or Revolution who may have met Craig or left the premises when the fatal assault took place

cannot be over-accentuated.

Were you in Rockefellers, Texas or Revolution on the night of 18th/19th May 2012 or in the general area?

You may have the vital bit of information which can assist Craig’s parents to find out the truth about his death.

Do you have mobile phone/camera footage taken there that night?

Can you help with any information about the four French men and two Spanish-speaking women whose images we have published on social media?

Please get in touch. We do not need you to give us your name. All we need is a steer in the right direction to help Craig’s parents get justice for Craig.


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