The circumstances of Craig’s death

The scene of the homicide

Rockefellers Disco Bar closed just after 6am, with Craig and his three friends and all other patrons leaving the premises at different times, joining a large group of 60+ individuals who congregated in the street outside.

The area was busy with groups of people from Rockefellers, Revolution Nightclub, Texas Bar and other local bars which were all closing at that time.


The fatal assault

This was where Craig’s life was brutally ended.

The fact that this spot is in very close proximity to Rockefellers, Revolution and Texas Nightclubs/Bars/Discos means that the hundreds of people leaving these premises are potential witnesses to the incident, or will be able to provide descriptions of others who may be able to assist.


There were lots of people in the street and there was a lot of activity, including heated exchanges involving various groups of people, immediately prior to/at the time that the fatal assault took place.

Craig’s friends had become involved in dialogue with some Spanish or French males and it was at that time (at around 6.20 am) that Craig, whilst standing adjacent to the small wall on the photographs, was punched on the head. This blow caused him to fall to the ground dead.

There were lots of people nearby when this happened, including a blonde woman who was speaking to Craig. She looks very similar to one of the Spanish-speaking girls on the CCTV footage that we have published. We know that this woman and her dark-haired friend walked to the scene from the nearby Texas Disco Bar.

Craig’s friends’ fight with the culprit’s group

Immediately following the assault on Craig, his friends started fighting with the individual who had assaulted Craig and his group.

The finite detail regarding the exact situation is difficult to establish, due to the fact some individuals had consumed large amounts of alcohol and the events at the scene appear to have been very chaotic, with various fast moving issues happening with people attending to Craig on the ground and other people fighting and shouting.

The blonde Spanish-speaking woman also tried to help Craig as he lay on the ground and appears to have caressed his face and tried to revive him.

She will hold vital information about what happened.

During the chaos, the individual involved in the fatal assault and his friends left the scene before the arrival of the Spanish police.

The blonde Spanish-speaking woman and her friend left the scene, saying they were getting a taxi to nearby Blanes but despite extensive publicity, have never been traced.

Some people remained on the scene and provided statements to the police.

Sadly, most people who had been in the area and could have provided information left the scene and have not been traced, despite the police investigation and a massive social media campaign on behalf of Craig’s family.

There are varying descriptions of the individuals involved and at this stage, it would not be prudent to publish these on this website until more witnesses are traced and a better picture is formed.

However, a common theme that various witnesses refer to is seeing a well-built, very tall (around 190cm/6ft 2 inches) individual, who appeared to be flexing his muscles and provoking Craig’s friends to fight.

The Spanish police protected and videoed the scene. They also initiated a major investigation, which has not yet identified the person responsible for ending the life of this young, popular, intelligent and personable man.  

You can view a video from a Spanish News report, with footage of the area.

Craig’s friends who had been enjoying a night of celebrations with Craig a few hours earlier standing at the spot where he died hoping someone will come forward with information about who did it.

Craig’s friends, who had been enjoying a night of celebrations with Craig a few hours earlier, standing
at the spot where he died and hoping that someone will come forward with vital information

Craig’s family and friends’ devastation

Craig’s mum and dad travelled to Spain that day to identify his body.

Their lives were torn apart after their young son, with so much to live for, was murdered.

A year later, Craig's parents visited the scene to grieve for their son.

A year later, Craig’s parents visited the scene to grieve for their son.

Appeal points – can you assist?

  • Were you one of the many people in the street that night? Even if you think you didn’t witness anything, you may be able to assist to trace others who did
  • Who are the French men on the CCTV footage we have published? Craig’s dad Ian Mallon has written to one of these men who stays in the Bobigny Area of Paris, France but has not received a response.
  • Who are the two Spanish-speaking women on the CCTV footage we have published? One of them may be called “Lily” andfrom Venezuela
  • Craig’s family desperately need your help. Please get in touch by emailing All information is treated with the strictest confidence

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